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This UGK-CF initiative is led by our own Culinary Director Steve Glenn, a renowned finalist from Hell's Kitchen Season 20. Steve utilizes his industry expertise to mentor our youth, teaching them not only basic culinary skills but also crucial principles of sanitation and ServSafe certification, all within a supportive, familial environment.

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  • Participants learn essential culinary skills and sanitation principles, building a strong foundation for their culinary careers.

  • Each trainee also works towards earning their ServSafe certification, an industry-standard that improves their employability.

  • Our program cultivates responsibility, teamwork, and discipline, providing a positive alternative to crime for our youth, and encouraging them to become role models within their communities.


The impact of our Youth Workforce Culinary Training program reverberates throughout the community. The growth of our participants aids in combating poverty and inequality, and also contributes to a reduction in juvenile crime rates, fostering safer, more connected neighborhoods.  The program enhances our community by nurturing local talent for our food industry, armed with essential skills and certifications.

  • By improving participants' socio-economic status, we make strides against local poverty and inequality.

  • With a decrease in juvenile crime rates, our neighborhoods become safer, promoting community unity and trust.

  • Together, we can cultivate a safer, more prosperous community through culinary arts education, one youth at a time.

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