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Our resident UGK Culinary Director Steve Glenn works with our kitchen staff to develop a continuously evolving menu of USDA approved healthy, nutritious and approachable meals for our recipients keeping mind cultural and dietary restrictions and preferences.


Richmond Childcare Feeding Program

Supporting USDA programs for the distribution of fresh-made, healthy meals to Richmond childcare centers.  Centers enrolled in the program receive two hot meals daily, also providing each center with an Onboarding Experience.  Childcare administrators and caregivers sample meals with an educational discussion about childhood nutrition and daily life skills incorporated into daily mealtimes.

UGK CF Childcare Program

Senior Feeding Program

Providing seniors in community partner residences with weekly deliveries of fresh-made, healthy meals customized to their health needs and living circumstances.

UGK CF Family Feeding Program

Family Feeding Program

Providing families identified by community partners with weekly deliveries of a pre-made family meal and curated food box filled with ingredients to produce another family meal. Contents of the food box are chosen thoughtfully, with nutrition and accessibility as primary goals; whenever possible, ingredients that can be purchased through programs such as WIC and SNAP are included to help maintain and stretch ongoing food budgets. Food boxes also contain weekly recipe cards as well as information to log onto a weekly, live-virtual family cooking class led by UGK Culinary Director, Chef Steve Glenn.

UGK CF Senior Feeding Program
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