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Meet our kitchen crew, a vibrant tapestry of diversity, united by their dedication and fervor for serving the community. Under the expert guidance of our UGK Culinary Director, Steve Glenn, we are deeply committed to workforce development and delivering nutritious, wholesome meals to children, seniors, and families alike. It's not just about cooking—it's about nourishing the heart of our community."

Chef Steve

Steve Glenn

UGK Culinary Director

Born and raised in Richmond, Chef Steve has travelled far in his culinary journey. You might recognize him from Hell's Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay's chef training competition. After competing and becoming a finalist in the show, Chef Steve worked as a private chef. Spending some time working as the culinary executive of The Black Hen, he decided to come back to his hometown.

Sous Chef Eli


UGK Sous Chef

Getting his career started at a small-town restaurant in Farmville, Eli decided to drop out of college to pursue a career in cooking. The lowkey joint specialized in country classics  – ribs, sandwiches, shrimp and grits – building a strong foundation that would eventually allow Eli to harmonize with Chef Steve’s Southern-rooted culinary style. 

Chef Jermaine


UGK Community First Lead Chef

Richmond native Jermaine Lastname is proud to give back to the community. After working in the restaurant industry for almost 30 years, Jermaine picked up the nickname "refurbish chef" for his skill at taking leftovers or random ingredients and turning them into a delicious dish. Jermaine also is a songwriter, growing up in a gospel-division, the first to record an album in Richmond!



UGK Community First Cook

Starting with us under our Culinary Workforce Training program, Stephanie has learned a lot about our Community First kitchen. She helps out where it's needed – prepping, cleaning, dishes, and more. She says that the program has helped her get back on her toes, keeping her up to date with the restaurant industry. Stephanie wants to open a food truck in the future – soul food, made with love.

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