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I just try to keep myself positive. It get rough sometimes, but I just keep myself going on. I'm a loving person, love to help people, always trying to help them. I'm a good person. I can say that about myself. I'm peaceful, love peace.

UGK Community Cook

Starting with us under our Culinary Workforce Training program, Stephanie has learned a lot about our Community First kitchen. She helps out where it's needed – prepping, cleaning, dishes, and more. She says that the program has helped her get back on her toes, keeping her up to date with the restaurant industry. Stephanie wants to open a food truck in the future – soul food, made with love.

Originally from Richmond, Stephanie is excited to be working with the community. Before she started with Community First, she would cook meals for friends and family. She's happy to be continuing that in the form of our daycare program, and her knowledge of soul food is a huge help in the kitchen. 

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